Project 6

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our overarching aim is to reduce the harm that substances cause to individuals, families and communitiesand enable and sustain recovery.

At Project 6 we pride ourselves in working with our service users to build the self efficacy and social capital that promotes recovery. We offer services to meet the needs of the people we support, we are not a one size fits all service but a project with a plethora of services that fit together into an integrated treatment and recovery service.

Our Values

Our values are what we feel sums us up or ‘drives’ us. In Project 6 we see these values as the operating principles for the organisation’s internal conduct as well as our relationships with the outside world.

Ø We instil hope and promote social justice

Ø We trust each other and treat people equally

Ø We believe in the ability of people to change and in our ability to make a difference

Ø We fulfil our key aim to develop self efficacy and build social capital

Ø Consequently, ‘we help people to help themselves’

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