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Spring is the time of plans and projects

Spring is the time of plans and projects

On t’cobbles

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE springtime! I’ve always found winters difficult, sometimes they seem to go on forever as my spirits drop with the thermometer and the numbers on my bathroom scales rise with the rainfall statistics. So the first sight of daffodils nodding their heads on a chilly but sunny day brings a smile to my face every year.

As soon as the clocks go back and the nights start to get lighter, I’m ticking off the signs of spring like a school kid with their first I-Spy book. The first blush-pink Magnolia, a carpet of Bluebells, drifting cherry blossom, a precocious butterfly, the smell of wild garlic wafting through woodland and last of all; the arrival of the Swallows from Africa – darting and swooping in an all-you-can-eat insect buffet.

Maybe it’s summat to do with being Northern, but I honestly prefer the temperatures in spring to those in summer. After all, if it gets a bit chilly you can always put a cardie on, but if you’re too hot there’s nowt you can do. I happened to be in Keighley last Sunday when it was sunny and cloudless, I ate my butties sitting by the war memorial and did some people-watching. It was a lovely break and the highlight of an otherwise busy, working weekend.

I’ve never understood why people make New Year resolutions, when the days seem to be about 3 hours long and your mood and motivation is lower than a snake’s belly. Far better I reckon to make a spring resolution. Tidy or redecorate a neglected corner of your home, perhaps do a bit of decluttering by sorting through unused and unwanted items and putting them on Ebay or carbooting them. If you’re a nature lover why not take a walk along the canal or go further afield to somewhere like St Ives?

Everywhere looks better in the sunshine, but here are 6 more good reasons for getting out there:

  • A study carried out by the University of Edinburgh, found that exposure to sunlight lowers blood pressure.
  • Sunshine makes our bodies produce vitamin D which helps us to absorb calcium to strengthen and repair bones.
  • Vitamin D also helps our brains to function better and improves memory.
  • Sunshine helps to lift our mood and can help in overcoming depression.
  • Exposure to sunlight in the morning can make it easier to sleep in the evening – for best results don’t wear sunglasses until the afternoon.
  • Sunshine boosts our immune systems, helping us to fight off sniffles and sneezes.
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