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BZP is a stimulant drug that makes you feel alert. Worryingly, it was tested on cattle but gave some of the animals fits. Get more info on BZP here...

What is it?

BZP is a man-made stimulant drug that makes you feel alert and wakeful. Occasionally it comes in its pure form as an off-white powder or a slightly yellow liquid. More often, it is combined with similar chemicals called piperazines, and pressed into pep pills.

Pep pills come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

How does it make you feel?

BZP, or pep pills, give you a rush of tingling all over the skin, and then it makes you alert, bright-eyed and cheerful. Pep pills are more floaty and euphoric than BZP.

The effects can last for 4-8 hours. Food is a turn off and sleep is impossible.

Most people feel headachey, tired, washed out and perhaps a bit sick the next day. Some people still can't sleep and feel restless and anxious for 24 hours.

What are the health effects?

BZP can over-stimulate the brain and lead to epileptic fits or seizures in people who have never had them before.

BZP is touted as a safe, herbal drug. It is not herbal, it is 100% man-made and its safety profile isn't really understood in the long term.

The law

BZP is a Class C drug.

Posession can mean a prison sentence of two years. Supplying can mean a sentence of 14 years. Both punishments can also mean an unlimited fine.

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