Project 6



Poppers are often sold in sex shops, clubs and gay bars. They come in little bottles which users sniff from. But what does Poppers do? And why does it give you such a banging headache? Find out here...

What is it?

Poppers are small bottles filled with liquid chemicals called Alkyl Nitrates. There are three different types of poppers - amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate and isobutyl nitrite.

They are sniffed direct from the bottle and have a strong acrid smell.

Poppers are often sold in sex shops, clubs and gay bars.

How does it make you feel?

Poppers give you a sudden rush that is all over in a matter of minutes.

Some people sniff poppers during sex and say that it keeps the orgasm going longer.

On the down side poppers can leave you feeling a bit sick and faint. Some people get bad headaches from it.

What are the health effects?

Don't swallow poppers, it's very poisonous.

It is highly flammable. Be very careful if you are soaking a cigarette in poppers which some people like to do. Lighting it can have your eyebrows off.

It's best not to use poppers if you are taking Viagra, as the combination can drop your blood pressure beyond a safe point.

The law

Possession of poppers is not illegal but supply could be an offence under the Medicines Act.

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