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Prozac is a drug that is commonly used to treat depression. Find out what Prozac does to you and how it makes you feel here...

What is it?

Prozac is the brand name for a drug called fluoxetine which is used to treat depression. It is one of a number of drugs called SSRIs. They are all generally referred to as Prozac, although they are different drugs strictly speaking. Prozac usually comes in the form of small white pills that are prescribed by the doctor. They have been in use since the late 1980s.

How does it make you feel?

None of these drugs will give you a buzz. They do their job only when they are used regularly over time.

Most people get side effects when they start using Prozac. It is common to feel a bit sick, dizzy, light headed and headachey. But, if you are taking these drugs for depression or anxiety, then keep going. The side effects will wear off in a couple of weeks and your mood will start to lift. If that doesn't happen go back to your doctor as soon as you can.

Depression and anxiety can screw up your life in many, many ways. About 4% of under 18s in the UK suffer from it. If you are one of these - then get help. Remember too, that Prozac is not the only option.

What are the health effects?

Prozac has been successfully used to treat depression, bulimia, obsessive compulsive disorder and premenstrual tension.

Over the long term these drugs appear to be fairly safe even though they do come with side effects.

The law

Prozac is a prescription-only drug.

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