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Alcohol Treatment Requirement

Alcohol Treatment Requirement

For those issued with an Alcohol Treatment Requirement order at court we provide a holistic support service in partnership with the Probation Service where we offer:

  • Support to address alcohol use through one to ones and group provision
  • Offer ongoing access to other Project 6 services as appropriate

What is an ATR?

Section 212 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 makes available to the Courts an Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR) as one of the possible requirements of a Community Order.

An ATR can be made as part of a Community Order or a Suspended Sentence Order (SSO) (proposals for SSO’s should only be made in exceptional circumstances, Community Orders should always be considered), for a minimum of six months and a maximum of three years (2 years for SSOs). The ATR will usually be between 6-9 months with a longer supporting supervision requirement as appropriate to reflect seriousness and risk.

ATRs can be proposed as part of a Community Order for high, medium and low seriousness sentencing bands. However, given the intensity of such interventions it is expected that these would normally only be appropriate at medium and high levels of seriousness, and where assessed as having medium or high risk of reoffending.

The ATR became available to the courts as a sentencing option for offences committed on or after 4th April 2005 by offenders aged 18 and over.

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