Project 6

Asian Communities Project

Asian Communities Project

The Asian Communities Service at Project 6 is a discreet area of service provision targeting the needs of the South Asian community in Keighley.

The project provides access to direct service interventions to individuals that are concerned about their own or someone else's substance use.

We provide advice and information to enable individuals to reduce the risk and harms associated with their substance use. Additionally, we provide Structured Treatment to those individuals who are ready to address their substance use problems and move towards a drug free lifestyle.

The service is flexible enough to provide home visits for those unwilling or unable to attend our base in Temple Street, access to Complementary Therapies for those people who would benefit from them and referrals to specialist prescribing services for those people who require a clinical intervention.

A substantial part of the work of the Asian communities service is our commitment to community engagement and community development. We work in partnership with local South Asian organisations to improve the drugs awareness of both their staff and those community members who access their services. Additionally, we provide consultancy support to any organisation that works with south Asian substance users. Access to Urdu and Punjabi speakers is available.

As part of this service we also have a young persons needs assessment worker.

This worker offers Advice and information, One to One support, Somewhere to talk and be listened to, Education and knowledge, Awareness events, Drop-in's and Referral to specialist services.

In addition we deliver basic drugs awareness training for community members and professionals.

English/Urdu/Punjabi spoken

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