Project 6

Complex Needs Services

Complex Needs Services:

These services provide support and an opportunity to make positive changes for vulnerable people with Multiple, Complex Needs.

ASIST (Alcohol Specialist Intervention and Support Service): provides support for individuals who are frequently attending or at risk of attending hospital through their chronic alcohol use, help to make life feel manageable again and facilitate access to treatment and recovery services.

Crisis Service: is a new a multi-agency service aimed at reducing health inequalities through adopting a multi-agency response to individuals in crisis. For individuals affected by substance misuse, mental health issues, domestic abuse, food poverty, poor physical health and wellbeing and benefits related poverty.

Health and Wellness Service: provides the opportunity to improve individual’s health and wellness through improved management of anxiety and pain management and a reduction in their prescribed opiate use working in partnership with the Pain Management services across Airedale Wharfedale and Craven

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