Project 6

Families and Young People's Services

Support to assist families in making and sustaining positive change to their own or a family member’s substance use. We can provide support for individuals and pregnant women using substances, family members and concerned others, young people affected by parental substance use or at risk of using substances themselves and also family and parenting support. We also offer support for individuals affected by domestic abuse.

We provide confidential information, advice and support and offer a welcoming, non judgmental service. We're here to help families build social capital by providing integrated support.

The integrated Family and Young People's Service has a range of workers with specialist skills offering specialised services.

  • Maternity & Families, pre-pregnancy, post natal and ante natal support.
  • Family Support - One to one and group support for both parents and children.
  • Concerned Other Services - supporting those affected by someone else's substance use.
  • Young People's services -helping young people who are using or at risk of using substances
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Service - providing support around domestic violence and substance misuse
Call us on 01535 610180 if you would like an appointment.
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