Project 6

Harm Reduction / Needle Exchange

The Harm Reduction Service at Project 6 is a discreet service located across the street from the main building, designed to offer a range of packages for those who choose to inject street drugs like heroin, crack cocaine and amphetamines and Anabolic Steroids and Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDS).

The Needle Exchange provides clean works and paraphernalia, including citric, filters, sharps bins, disposable cookers, water, swabs, condoms and lube.

Our broad aim is to reduce the risks associated with injecting drug use. We do this by using thorough assessments at registration and 6-monthly reviews, which aim to measure the extent of the risks taken by each individual injector. These assessments allow us to develop individually tailored responses that outline steps that the service user could take to become safer, avoiding contact with blood-borne viruses, overdose, injecting trauma and many other risks associated with injecting.

From the information we collect, we design brief, time-bounded campaigns in direct response to the drug trends in the area. We also produce a quarterly newsletter, 'NEX News', developed to communicate our findings with service users, promote our services, raise awareness of risks and report local, national and international news.

We are supported by a team of Physical Health Nurses, who offer vaccinations, blood-borne virus testing and counselling, referral to other treatment services, diet advice, full physical assessment, wound dressing, smoking cessation support, pregnancy testing, contraception and many other services.

We offer a specialist clinic for users of Performance and Image Enhancing drugs on a Tuesday evening between 5pm and 7pm.

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