Benefits to making healthier choices

Whatever your motivation, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink is a positive step.

It might feel like you’re giving somthing up but there a plaenty of things to be gainied from drinking less alcohol.

More energy

A good nights sleep is key to feeling refreshed the next day, however many of us will have heard that a drink before bed will help us nod off. This isn’t entirely untrue, however when it comes to sleep it’s the quality rather than quantity that’s the important thing.

Drinking alcohol disrupts our natural sleep pattern and prevents us from spending as long in the ‘deep sleep’ stage where we are able to best recharge. (vivid dreams after a heavy night of drinking is evidence of your brain still remining active whilst you’re asleep).

Avoiding alcohol around bedtime will help you find a more restful and revitalising sleep and mean you should find you have more energy.


Mood and mental health

Short term alcohol will give your mood a little lift but there’s no escaping that it is a depressant and therefore can have a significant impact on our mental health.

Over time it will leave you more susceptible to anxiety, depression, and a more constant low mood.

It may take a few weeks to notice the real benefit but reducing your alcohol intake will help stabilise your mood. People who make reduce or even completely stop drinking often report that they are in a better position to build stronger relationships with friends and family and find themselves rediscovering old interests or finding new hobbies.


Helping our brains

Unfortunately the alcohol you drink has a negative impact on your grey matter. It affects both our memory and concentration and over time excessive alcohol use can lead to significant cognitive decline. Slurred speech, poor memory, and slower reflexes are all the result of alcohol’s impact on the mind. 

Cutting down can usually help improve this.


Reducing risk of diseases

Increased risk of stroke, various cancers, dementia, pancreatitis, heart and liver disease are all linked to excessive alcohol consumption.

The specific risk to a individual will depend on a number of factors, however the amount of alcohol you drink is one you have control over.


Staying fit and healthy for longer

There are several ways making changes to alcohol use can have a knock-on effect in helping to keep you healthy.

For a start alcohol weakens the immune system and increases the likelihood of you getting sick. It also impedes your body’s ability to absorb vitamins, leaves you more dehydrated and can interfere with medication prescribed to help you get well.

The likelihood of having an accident or fall can be connected to your alcohol use. It also can impact on your blood sugar levels so less alcohol will leave you in a better position to lose weight.


Overall wellbeing

A little less alcohol in your life can leave a whole lot more money in your pocket, think of those times you’ve splurged on a big night out after only planning to go out for a couple!

Because it can leave dehydrated, abstaining from alcohol will leave your skin looking more radiant and there’s even evidence to suggest drinking can speed up the signs of aging.

It might provide a bit of extra confidence in the bedroom; however, alcohol inhibits the central nervous system and regular use can lead to diminished sexual experiences.

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