CEO update

This has been a year of exceptional outcomes for Project 6, delivered by truly committed and dedicated staff and volunteers; to some exceptionally brave individuals.

Project 6 remains committed to the principles of ethical collaboration within the VCS and is one of the leading organisations locally. Our values are absolutely key to everything we do from business development, partnership working and service development delivery.

We have developed some exciting partnerships this year including with the Cellar Trust in delivering IAPT work, with CRUSE on a bereavement Concerned Others group and also with the CCG developing a Crisis Service aimed at reducing health inequalities alongside multiple partners including DVS, BCA, KHLC and the Cellar Trust.

This is the year in which a usterity has begu n to bite a nd really impact on orga nisations a nd the individuals who receive their services.

These partnerships have been increasingly important in facing the challenges in 2016-17. There are several significant changes on the horizon for us and other VCS organisations in the Bradford district and beyond.

This is the year in which austerity has begun to bite and really impact on organisations and the individuals who receive their services. Drug and alcohol related deaths are continuing to rise, welfare changes and cuts have rendered some people more desperate than ever and health inequalities are increasing all around us, while there are fewer services to support vulnerable individuals.

I need to say a huge thanks to our staff team who have been exceptional in this challenging time; our Peer Mentors and Volunteers who help us so much in our delivery; our Board who have been incredibly supportive and brave this year and also the team at PilotLight who guided us through the choppy waters of this year. Most of all I want to thank the people who use our service. You are all an inspiration and provide us with the motivation to get up each day and come in to work alongside you on your recovery journey.

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Airedale Voluntary Drug and Alcohol Agency trading as Project 6 is a registered charity number 1173006 and a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales number 3430925