Complex Needs

Drug and alcohol problems can often lead to, or be caused by, other issues affecting a person such as mental and/or physical health issues, domestic violence, poverty and employment issues, homelessness or housing issues, family or relationship issues and social isolation.

Often these needs and issues interact with each other leading to individuals experiencing several problems simultaneously.

Individuals with complex needs are often at, or vulnerable to reaching crisis point and may experience barriers to accessing services; usually requiring support from two or more services/agencies.

Our complex needs services provide a solution to this by bringing together specialist agencies to provide support at those crisis points when things become too much, a safety net for vulnerable and entrenched drinkers and adjunct support for people struggling with dependence on opiate based prescribed medication.

Our Keighley Pathway Crisis Service offers open access services for people struggling with mental and physical health issues, domestic violence, food and financial poverty and substance misuse. It’s an easy access route into the range of specialist support provided by Project 6 and our partners.

Airedale Voluntary Drug and Alcohol Agency trading as Project 6 is a registered charity number 1173006 and a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales number 3430925