Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We welcome difference and treat people equally, honestly and fairly. We recognise and stand up for people’s rights.

Project 6 is committed to providing an accessible service to all its service users, equal opportunities for employment of staff and promotion of the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

We recognise that discrimination, particularly based on the grounds of race and gender, are systemic within our society and within the Charity Sector and are committed to tackling this as an organisation. We acknowledge that we hold power in this field and are committed to legitimate sharing of this power by including diverse communities in decision making at all levels of our organisation. We will work to challenge systemic discrimination in our sector and wider society.

We are committed to being an inclusive organisation which invites and supports ‘difference’ and enables all of our people to fully participate in and influence the life of the organisation. We recognise that policy statements in themselves do not create equality of opportunity nor promote diversity and inclusion. We will therefore take action to combat discrimination, promote equal opportunities, and value diversity. Such action will include:

  • We will annually publish our progress against our EDI goals including the demographic make-up of our staff and volunteers, with a comparison against that of the communities we work with
  • We provide our staff and volunteers with diversity and inclusion training
  • We ensure that our workplace is accessible and make reasonable adjustments where necessary
  • We will ensure that all of our events are accessible to disabled people in terms of the venue’s facilities.
  • We state our pronouns in our email signatures and be active in asking people what theirs are when they have not told us
  • We are striving to become a trauma informed organisation and employer as we recognise systemic discrimination being a factor in historic and ongoing trauma.
  • Services will not directly or indirectly discriminate against service users or potential users.
  • We recognise that, because of discrimination, particular individuals and groups may be wary of using the services of an organisation not run exclusively for and by their communities or groups. We will therefore aim to provide a welcoming, non-discriminatory service and will take positive action to encourage such individuals and groups to use Project 6 as a resource.
  • Staff at Project 6 shall treat all service users fairly and with respect. 

Our full Equality Diversity and Inclusion policy is available on request.

Demographics of our communities

Our overarching objective is to ensure that our workforce and the people we support are reflective of the communities in which we operate. To do this we have identified below the current data on these demographics, although we are aware these will change.

Area Keighley Sheffield Doncaster       Total
Black Asian and Minority Ethnic population (%)

(from local authority statistics)
36.1% 16% 8.2% 12%
Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people using our services (%)

(from internal statistics)
11.1% 6.9% 1.8% 8.38%
Black Asian and Minority Ethnic staff (%)

(from internal statistics)
4.5% 4.17% 0% 4.08%
Current demographic make-up of population in areas we serve     National Statistics     People who use our services     Staff
Disabled population (%) 18% of working age
3.5% 14.3%
Sexuality 1.4% identify as
Lesbian or Gay

0.9% Bisexual

94.6% identify as

0.6% other

2.5% Do not know
or refuse
4% identify as
Lesbian or Gay

6% Bisexual

77.5% identify as

2% other

8.5% prefer not to say
Gender 50.8% Women

0.4% Non-binary
51.3% Woman 65% Female

2% Agender
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