Progress Recovery Services

Our Recovery Services aim to improve the lives of people in recovery from drug and alcohol problems and their families by developing and releasing their capacity for full and equal participation in community life.

We work together with you to build your recovery capital – the personal, social and community resources that will help you to move away from your using behaviour by:

  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Adding some structure to your life
  • Improving well-being
  • Developing skills and qualifications
  • Engagement with opportunities in your local community
  • Supporting access to education, training and employment

Our Recovery Services deliver the opportunity for you to consolidate the changes you have made to your drug/alcohol use in a group work setting. Services include our well established and successful 16-week Structured Recovery Programme and Life Skills workshops and accredited progression pathways into Peer Mentoring, Volunteering and ETE. Progress also hosts delivery of IAPT work in partnership with the Cellar Trust and as part of My Wellbeing College.

Is Progress the right service for me?
Our Progress Recovery Services are for people who have made changes in their drug/alcohol use (perhaps having gone through a programme of structured treatment with New Horizons drug and alcohol service) and now want to consolidate the changes and work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You must be committed to your recovery and able to be drug/alcohol-free when you attend the service.

Not quite there yet?
We work alongside the CGL New Horizons Drug and Alcohol Service and are happy to support you to access treatment options to help you reach the point where Progress is the right step on your journey.

Service Pathway

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Get in Touch
We provide opportunities for people who are considering joining a programme, to come up to our centre, look around and find out more about it.

If you would like an appointment to speak to someone about this services contact 01535 610180 or ring our Progress Recovery Centre directly on 01535 608631 and ask for Ayesha Bhatti.

Progress Services

Structured Group Work Programmes

  • Structured programme that incorporates peer support with psycho-social interventions
  • For individuals who are stable and motivated to move forward in their recovery journey
  • Therapeutic group work that promotes the building of social capital and develops alternative coping mechanisms to drug or alcohol use

The programme offer access to a timetable of

  • Recovery and moving on groups
  • Life skills workshops
  • Peer support
  • Menu of weekly health, well-being and social activities

Life Skills Workshops
Sometimes life throws up problems that can seem too much to deal with and that put people at risk of having a lapse of a relapse and using drugs/alcohol to cope. Our Life Skills workshops give you the tools and techniques to tackle issues in a positive way. We offer workshops on:

  • Assertiveness and Confidence Building
  • Anger Management
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Health and Well-Being

We are constantly reviewing and developing new workshops as we see a need arise.

Peer Supporting
We’ve found that often people in Progress find that as they move on in their recovery they want to give something back to the community. Peer support provides an opportunity to start this journey by giving something back to service users in Progress.

Peer Supporters act as role models and motivators for people who are earlier on in their recovery, instilling hope and showing that recovery is possible. They get involved in a number of ways:

  • Supporting structured group work programmes, encouraging participants when they’re struggling and sharing their stories of recovery
  • Meeting new participants and helping them to settle into their programme
  • Supporting peer led recovery groups
  • Supporting volunteers to deliver activities
  • Providing general recovery support in drop-in check in sessions

Peer Support Training
Training courses run 3 times a year and offer the opportunity to undertake a Level 1 qualification in Community Development. This option for progression will be discussed when you are developing your bespoke plan.

Volunteering offers a further stepping stone on your journey. Volunteers are vital to the Project 6 and the Progress Recovery Centre, bringing a wide range of skills and experience of recovery and helping us shape the project using these assets. By taking part in on-going training and development and by carrying out volunteering roles, you can improve your employability prospects and strengthen your recovery capital.

Project 6 volunteers are from a wide range of backgrounds, many have or continue to work towards their own recovery and understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on people, families and the community. See our Volunteering page for more information about the roles on offer.

Volunteer Training
We currently run 3 volunteer induction programmes annually. A programme of ‘on the job’ training and development is available following completion of the course and there is an opportunity to undertake accredited qualifications as part of the programme.

Get in Touch
If you’re interested in volunteering, ring our Progress Recovery Centre directly on 01535 608631 and ask for Ayesha Bhatti, Progress Team Leader.


Airedale Voluntary Drug and Alcohol Agency trading as Project 6 is a registered charity number 1173006 and a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales number 3430925