Alcohol and relationships

Harmful drinking doesn’t just affect the individual, the ripples from this behaviour spread to the people in that person’s life. The closer you are to the person, the more you are likely to be impacted by it. This year, Alcohol Awareness Week is focussing on alcohol and relationships.

During the pandemic many of us started to drink more. Everyone had their own reasons for this but over time, increased alcohol use starts to put strain on relationships. By making changes to our drinking we can start to create happier connections as well as improve our wellbeing.

“Well throw your prejudices and stereotypes out of the window, because this can happen to everyone.”

Jill’s sister started to struggle with her alcohol use a number of years ago, listen to her story.

The word alcoholic can be stigmatising. At Project 6 we wouldn’t use this as a term to describe the people we work with, however we respect that some people can find this term empowering and a useful way to describe their circumstances.

SASS (Sheffield Alcohol Support Service) is the pre-merger name of Project 6 Sheffield.

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