Our Standards

Commitment to Quality

Project 6 is committed to providing evidence-based services to a high standard. Our management systems are ISO 9000:2015 accredited.

We strive to go beyond merely reaching targets and aim to achieve real and lasting impact. (Have a look at our Impact Report for examples of the work we do and the impact it has).

We operate a robust performance and quality framework (FRAMEWORK) using our ISO quality management systems to audit and monitor our filing and record keeping, systems, adherence to practice standards and to ensure staff skills development.

Reflective practice is key to the quality we achieve and this is built into our staff core training, support and supervision and Continued Professional Development. We’re committed to maintaining a strong, committed and motivated workforce and work hard to achieve this through our organisational culture and excellent terms and conditions. We are a Confident About Disability employer. 

Needs & Strengths Led Outcome Focused Services

We are committed to identifying strengths as well as needs within our community. We do this through:

  • Regular consultations with service users
  • Service reviews involving staff, volunteers and service users
  • Annual Service User Satisfaction Surveys

Transparency and Openness

We are committed to transparency and openness, subject to complying with existing legal and regulatory requirements and are willing to share information to share information about the way we work.

  • Safeguarding policy
  • Harassment policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Whistleblowing policy
  • Anti-slavery policy
  • Anti-bribery, money laundering and corruption policy