Black & White Advice for Staying Safer

However you choose to enjoy Beat-Herder this year, Project 6 is here to help you stay safer.

It can be as easy as A B C (D and E)…


If you didn’t bring it with you, dont take it

Not all pills and powders are created equal. There is a range of strengths and quality and out there. Although you might be familiar with a particular substance, if it hasn’t come from your usual supplier it may not be the same as you’re used to taking.


Start with a quarter and sip water

Start with a quarter of a pill or small dab of powder and wait (an hour) for it to take effect. Then you can decide if you want to take  more. Stay hydrated and keep sipping water.


Crush Dab Wait It’s difficult to judge the dose of MDMA crystals. Taking them as whole rocks makes it tough to track how much you’ve had. Crush them into powder, take a small dab and wait (an hour) to see how they effect you.


Sip water Whatever you do this weekend make sure you stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, keep sipping water throughout the day. Little bits regularly is better than necking a bottleful in one go. Fluids from alcohol won’t be effective, alternate between an alcoholic and a soft drink.


If in doubt, come see us at the Welfare Tent

If you have any question, or are worried about yourself or one of your friends come and see us at the Project 6 Welfare Tent.

We’ve been doing this years and seen most things in that time. We can help with advice, party packs, water and a place to take a break.

We’re here to help make sure everyone can enjoy themselves in the safest way, not judge.

Airedale Voluntary Drug and Alcohol Agency trading as Project 6 is a registered charity number 1173006 and a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales number 3430925