Ideas        2023

The Drug and Alcohol Sector Ecosystem: Choice, Balance, Opportunity

“I was awake at 6am the next day buzzing from everything I’d heard!” 

132 people taking part…

drug and alcohol commissioners,


charity leaders,


public health,

people using services,

community organisations,

mental health, the justice system,

infrastructure providers.

Exploring new ideas for creating more choice and opportunity for people who want to access support.

Definitely gives me hope for the sector.”

Sounds of the conference 

Have a listen to a snapshot of the conference, hearing from the people interviewed on the day and the disccuisons that took place.

Harm reduction, recovery and human rights

A panel of passionate harm reductionists, treatment providers and recovery advocates – how do we overcome the polarity and stigma in our sector between harm reduction and recovery.

Achieving a balanced sector ecosystem

The new drug strategy asks us to collaborate and work in partnership as a priority. How do we build a thriving sector ecosystem? 

Exploring sector ecosystems with sociodrama 

Sociodrama seeks to define a problem a group would like to solve or find a situation in which they would like to gain greater understanding.

Facilitator Valerie Monti-Holland co-creates a space where the experiences of people accessing support can be explored and explore what better would look like.


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and our thanks to all the organisation who took part in the day:
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