My Keighley Story

The exhibition for My Keighley Story took place on 27/07/22. Working in collaboration, the Parish of Keighley and Project 6 have brought together stories of people who receive support from there service: a snapshot of experiences from some of the people who regularly gather on Church Green in Keighely.

This group of people face stigma and are marginalised in the community. There behaviour is described as ‘anti-social’ and they are labelled as ‘alcoholics’ and ‘addicts’.

I had this idea of creating a project where some of the people I was getting to know could have the opportunity to share their story. Having a voice and being listened to in important, realising that there were people who were interested in knowing more about you, interested in your life, interested in  your hobbies, your family and what motivated you.

Sarah, Keighley Parish

Each participant used photos, portraits and audio recordings to help tell their story.

Listen to the stories