Recovering Our Stories

This Alcohol Awareness Week Project 6 wants to share 6 intimate stories of addiction and recovery told by the people we work with.

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“Something I’ve said on many occasions is comics have a unique power to communicate personal experience on a profoundly empathetic level. This is heart-breaking in multiple ways with the uncomplicated but expressive art adding to it’s humanity”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier Press.

Our Structured Recovery Programme in Keighley helps give people the tools to maintain recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. In 2018, artist and illustrator Glenn Hustler talked to those attending about a project for individuals to tell their life stories. Over the next 2 years Glenn documented these conversations of adversity and hope in the form of a comic, ‘Recovering Our Stories’.

“The stories are from a range of people from different backgrounds, and my work aims to address some of the stigma that still surrounds the issue of addiction. By telling the stories of people in recovery in full, I hope to shed some light on a subject that affects so many and yet is so little understood.” 

Glenn Hustler

Recovering Our Stories tells the accounts of 6 six individuals who all share experiences of addiction or struggles with mental health. Told non-judgmentally and in their own words, the stories give a fascinating and honest account of how the issues raised do come to affect anyone, regardless of age, class, gender, education or background. The book powerfully helps to challenge some of the stigma and unhelpful attitudes that exist.

Recovering Our Stories, Front Cover