SMS Leaving Project 6

It is with sadness we announce this month we will be saying goodbye to the Specialist Mentoring Service. Over the past four years SMS has recruited and trained volunteer mentors to work with vulnerable young people across Sheffield. Over this time mentors have provided thousands of hours of 1:1 support, helping to build self-esteem and motivation, providing someone to talk to when no one else was listening and improving the life chances of the young people they support.

2 young people from behind. One of them is firing a bow and arrow at a target

I’m doing really well at home and at school. I loved making new friends and getting involved with the recent activities, I am really looking forward to joining our youth group when we’re open.

We are however pleased that the project will continue and know the team will carry on their fantastic work as SMS moves to a new organisation. We want to say a special thankyou to Richard, Lucy and Mikey for all the amazing work they have done within Project 6.

J has made incredible improvements, his confidence and independence has improved massively. He has slowly started to mix with other younger people.

We also want to take this opportunity to recognise everyone who has become a mentor through the service, volunteering their time, experience, enthusiasm and patience. Without you none of this work would have been possible, you have had a significant and lasting impact on the lives of young people who without SMS would not have had these opportunities. From everyone at Project 6 we wish you well in the future and thank you for everything.