Stand With Trans

The first of our three values is, ‘People Matter’, underneath this is defined as:

  • We instil hope
  • We create safe, caring spaces where people can flourish
  • We trust each other
  • We welcome difference and treat people equally, honestly and fairly
  • We recognise and stand up for people’s rights .

This means we actively seek to ensure everyone who receives support, volunteers or works for our organisation should do so without facing any form of discrimination.

At the core of our sector is the desire to empower communities, we know we cannot do this unless we openly welcome all those who face discrimination.

Trans and non-binary people matter, and we will stand up to hate that stops people from having fair and equal access to support.

Today we signed the ‘Stand With Trans’ pledge. As a charity, we are committed to supporting the rights of our trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse communities.

We will seek to continue making our services more open and accessible through conversations with trans and non-binary colleagues, volunteers and people using services, both within our organisation and across the sector. We commit to standing and learning together.

Stand With Trans is a campaign created and run by Charity So Straight.

Charity So Straight campaigns to make UK charity workplaces more LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive, so that we are all able to bring our whole selves to work, and to be fully supported when we do, so that we are all able to fulfil our true potential.