Webinar – Nitaznes: the risk in Bradford

As levels of nitazenes found in the UK drug supply continue to rise, join us to find out more about the risks this poses to people in Bradford as well as the measures currently in place to help keep people safe. This webinar is aimed at people working within Bradford-based organisations who work with people who use drugs but is open to all.  

Drugs that contain nitazenes pose an increased risk of overdose. We have already seen confirmed overdoses in nearby cities where nitazenes have found to be present. As the risk grows for people in Bradford, we want to ensure people working in all areas of our communities are equipped with the knowledge to help reduce the harm as well as understanding the dangers posed to different groups of people using drugs.

This webinar will include:

  • The state of the global opiate trade
  • What nitazenes are
  • The impact of nitazenes for people who use drugs
  • The challenges in Bradford and the work already taking place
  • What you can do  

What are nitazenes?

Nitazenes are high-strength synthetic opioids, they are often compared to fentanyl which has been a factor in hundreds of deaths across the US.  Cheap to produce and easy to transport, the UK has seen a sharp increase in the presence of nitazenes in the drug supply. With continued disruption to opiate cultivation in Afghanistan, the levels of nitazenes present in heroin consumed in Britain have continued to rise.

As the use of nitazenes has become more common, there are increasing reports of the nitazenes being found in more and more in non-opioid drugs such as benzodiazepines, illicit versions of some prescription medications, ketamine and many more.  

This webinar is hosted by Project 6 and New Vision Bradford. We provide support for people in Bradford around their alcohol and other drug use and have a strong foundation in delivering evidence-based harm reduction support and advice.

For questions or enquiries, please email digital.team@project6.org.uk