Project 6

Progress Recovery Services

Our Recovery Services deliver the opportunity for individuals to consolidate the changes they have made in Structured Treatment Services in a group work setting. Services include our well established and successful 16 week Structured Recovery Programme and Life Skills workshops and accredited progression pathways in to Peer Mentoring, Volunteering and ETE. Progress also hosts Realpoint, our Training Social Enterprise and the delivery of IAPT work in partnership with the Cellar Trust and as part of My Wellbeing College.

Our Structured Recovery groups for Drugs and Alcohol offer:

  • 16 week structured programme that incorporates peer support with psycho-social interventions
  • For individuals who are stable and motivated to move forward in their recovery journey
  • Therapeutic group work that promotes the building of social capital and develops alternative coping mechanisms to drug or alcohol use
  • Minimum of 6 hours a week

Both programmes offer access to Aftercare and Resettlement provision and a timetable of recovery and moving on groups:

  • Lifestyle groups including access to healthy living, cook and eat at the gym
  • Community and recovery drop ins.
If you would like an appointment to speak to someone about this services contact 01535 610180 or ring our Progress Recovery Centre directly on:01535 608631 and ask for Phil Woodward.
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