After Lockdown

So much was lost over the last 18 months but the ‘new normal’ we came to know is changing again.  As we begin to move on, Project 6 wanted to take a video snapshot of people’s experiences from the pandemic.

‘We’re all in the same storm, but certainly not in the same boat’ became more and more apparent as the months of lockdown rolled by.

The pandemic has highlighted the inequalities in our society, it has pushed a lot of people who were just about managing into crisis.

For the people Project 6 works with, being forced isolation meant they lost the networks of support they had built were gone. Those rich and valued connections became faces on screen or a voice on the phone.

‘Build back, better’ is the latest message. What does ‘better’ look like and what are the lessons we need to learn to get us there?

Thanks to everyone who contributed their stories.