Impact Report 2019

We have just released our organisational Impact Report 2018/19 and we’re delighted to report another year of achieving successful outcomes for individuals and families with drug and alcohol problems and complex needs.

At a glanceHeadline Activities 2018/2019 IR1 2 01

2660 individuals received therapeutic 1-1 or group based interventions

1685 activities and events delivered over this period

7550 individuals attended events, groups and workshops we delivered

2975 demonstrated positive change towards their outcomes

Developing the Third Place, a service for street drinkers and hard to reach people, through a PHE capital grant and a range of strategic and operational partnerships

Implementing a staff training and development programme including Leadership Training for the Operational Leadership Team and cutting edge training in new approaches and skills for all staff

Developing additional resilience services for young people at risk of exploitation and young people with mental health issues

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 Outcomes and Impact

‘Helping people to help themselves’ is one of our core values – we adopt strengths based approaches and help people develop tool kits for change. We build on the assets in our recovery communities and engage with the local community in working together to improve things for everyone.

Individuals: In our Annual Service User Satisfaction Survey – 92% of individuals reported improvements in mental health and well-being and 82% reported improved physical health.

Families: Drug and alcohol misuse and complex needs don’t only affect the individual user, the harm can extend to the whole family. By adopting a family focussed approach across our services we believe we achieve a greater impact – 88% of our service users in our annual Satisfaction Survey reported improved relationships with families and friends.

Communities: The impact of drug and alcohol misuse and complex needs on the local community can be high in terms of the cost to local services and social cohesion. When people and families start to make changes the whole community benefits.

We believe that by being a visible and active presence in the local community we can reduce stigma and show the positive side of recovery, bring together our service users and members of the local community in jointly delivering projects and reduce the impact that drug and alcohol problems can create within a community.

We work to engage people with their own communities and make progress in life in a meaningful way. 88% of our service users in our Annual Service User Satisfaction Survey feel more optimistic about the possibility of a positive future and 76% felt accepted as part of the community and able to give back to their community.

 Project 6 – Impact Report 2019

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