Jumping for Families Together

There are 72,000 looked after children and young people in the UK.

Unfortunately, outcomes for them are poorer than those that remain in the family home. Our Families Together Service works with struggling families who have children who are on the verge of being taken into care. We work alongside the whole family to identify their strengths and help them to create real and lasting changes. Our results are excellent – last year 92% of the families we worked with stayed together.

On the 14th of August four individuals, all connected to Families Together, will be taking to the skies to help raise money for this essential work. Skydiving from 15,000ft, they aim to raise as much as possible through sponsorship to provide vulnerable families in Sheffield with opportunities they ordinarily would miss out on. Donations will go directly towards providing support for children, young people and families. With your help we can run structured activity days for children from struggling families that help build resilience and self-esteem and increase well-being. Your donation can help put on Family Days where the whole family is given the opportunity to bond, build stronger relationships, reduce isolation and find a sense of belonging.  

We would be incredibly grateful of any support you can offer. If you would like to donate, please visit www.justgiving.com/campaign/families-together.

Thank You