Looking after yourself at Christmas

Christmas comes with different expectations, we’re encouraged to over spend and over indulge, to cosy up in front of the telly and shut out the dark nights. Especially this year there is a pressure to make the most of family and enjoy the few days before we move back into tighter restrictions.

If you are someone who has been struggling with their alcohol or substance use, Christmas can be a difficult time. For some it’s pressure to join in with the New Years drinking or finding excuses for refusing a glass with dinner. For others worrying about finances which are now further stretched or being left isolated and alone while it seems the whole country is having the perfect Christmas.

We spoke to some of the people who use our services about they are getting ready for Christmas. We asked what advice they would share with someone who might have some concerns about how they were going to cope tat this time of year.

If you’re struggling this Christmas make you see our Christmas opening times to find what support is available.

We want to wish everyone a very safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year.