Workshop: Providing gender-sensitive services with Ailish Brennan

Wednesday 5th June, 10.00 – 14.00

Project 6 Sheffield, 24 Cumberland Street

£30 per person / £50 for 2 people

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction and personal background
  • Context: issues facing women and LGBTQ+ people related to drug use and accessing services
  • Framing: understanding why gender-sensitive services are important
  • Understanding different patterns of drug use
  • Intersecting needs: GBV, chemsex, sex work, sexual and reproductive health
  • Addressing safety concerns
  • Harm reduction principles: holistic, integrated, full spectrum
  • Actioning positive change: small changes, big impact

Lunch is included.

About Ailish

Ailish is a harm reductionist and drug policy advocate who has been working in the field for 5 years, specialising in youth advocacy, feminist issues in drug policy, and the intersection between drug use and trans and queer identities. She is a published author, having contributed a chapter to the book Shifting the Needle: The Impact of Global Drug Policy on Women where she discusses the impact of prohibition on queer women and gender non-conforming people.