This report from the Guardian reveals shocking statistics

Parental alcohol abuse linked to child deaths and injuries

One in three child deaths or serious injuries from neglect or abuse linked to alcohol misuse

This report from the Guardian reveals shocking statistics on the link between parental alcohol misuse and serious child harm or death. Drug and alcohol agencies are aware of this and also know that with the right treatment at the right time, some of this can be prevented.

Our Families Together Service in Sheffield works with 100 families a year who are at risk of having the children due to neglect or harm.  By getting targeted support at a crucial point 97% of families achieve the goals of the programme. In Keighley we provide support to parents who are struggling with drugs and alcohol and also to their children, building their resilience, confidence and ability to cope. We see improvements in family relationships, better parenting and happier, more resilient children and young people.

As long as the government continue to reduce funding for these services nationally and fail to act on minimum pricing for alcohol then sadly, we may see this situation continuing.

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Project 6 is an award winning voluntary sector drug and alcohol charity based in Keighley, West Yorkshire. We are a harm reduction and recovery focused service working to help people reduce the risks associated with substance misuse and we offer support to users of drugs and alcohol and their relatives and carers.

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